So if you have bought a VPS on Digital Ocean and domain on GoDaddy and you’re wondering how to make them work together this tutorial is made specifically for you. This short tutorial with picture examples just tries to get you started as quickly as possible. If you want to understand how it works I suggest you check out the read more section. So let’s get started.

First go to GoDaddy and sign in. Now open your domains and click manage.

GoDaddy DNS Configuration 2

Add digital ocean’s nameservers. Their nameservers are:


GoDaddy DNS Configuration 3

Now head off to digital ocean sign in and create your droplet if you haven’t already done that. To create your droplet is really simple. It mostly comes down to selection of your preferred region, operating system and stack which you want to use (LAMP, Wordpress, Docker etc.).

Finally click on DNS and afterwards add domain. Enter URL of your website for example: and just choose your droplet. The IP Address part will be automatically filled.

DigitalOcean DNS Configuration 2

After you’ve clicked create domain button just wait for a few minutes so changes propagate through servers and then when you enter it will point to your DigitalOcean’s VPS.

Read more

If you wish to learn more about DNS definitely read a complete series of tutorials on managing DNS an-introduction-to-managing-dns There you will learn what A, AAAA, CNAME and other cryptic acronyms mean and you will gain better understanding how whole communication between GoDaddy and DigitalOcean works.