If you have used a mac computer then you must have noticed that they don’t have a package manager. Even though you have a POSIX compliant operating system not having a package manager just doesn’t seem right. That’s why good guys and girls created homebrew.

Homebrew is labeled as “The missing package manager for OS X”. You can visit their website to find instructions how to install it on your computer link. Once you’re done with installation you can simply write brew install php56 and the package will be automatically installed.

To search for a certain package you have to use the search command brew search.

What I found particularly interesting is that each of these packages comes with a set of options. To list option of a certain package you can just write brew options php56. By using those options I could have installed PHP with CGI and with MySQL as easy as typing brew install --with-mysql --with-cgi php56.

To explore more about what homebrew can offer to you I suggest reading the manual man brew or you could check their documentation