Last few months I was feeling bored and unmotivated. I wanted something more from life. I thought that I have so much to give but that wasn’t being put to good use. After some consideration I decided to quit my job. I handed in resignation letter without knowing what my next step is going to be.

I always talked about starting a company but that was just talk. I actually thought that I need more experience, more money, more contacts … more everything!

In Germany there is a term Macher. The word literally means doer. Macher is a person who doesn’t wait for oportune moment. Macher creates an opportunity by just starting and doing.

Although I wouldn’t call myself really a Macher, some people did call me like that. That got me thinking. Should I just play it safe and find a new job or should I try getting out of my comfort zone and see how far can I go? I decided for the later.

After short rush of adrenaline, I tried to look at things from logical side. Currently I am 28. I have no wife, kids or pets. I saved up a little bit of money. My profession is Software Engineer. Even in the worst case scenario I could relatively quickly find a new job. If I don’t start a company now, when am I going to do it?

It really took me some time to come to this decision. Now that I decided that I wanted to start a company, what is my next step going to be? For starting a company I always thought that a great idea is necessary. I still think so. The only thing that changed is that I am not going to wait till a perfect idea falls into my lap. I am going to work on many small projects until I find something interesting. I am going to adopt the Macher mantra and just do stuff.

After I am finished with each mini-project I am going to review it and write a blog post about it. I am going to share it with you dear readers and hopefully you can help me improve.

No matter how this whole thing turns out, positive or negative. I don’t want to be remembered as yet another entrepreneur. No, I want to me remembered as a doer, a Macher. A person that takes control of his destiny and does stuff.