What is TMUX and why should you use it?

TMUX stands for terminal multiplexer. It lets you easily switch between programs. You can detach and later attach to a tmux session.

So why should you use it? I’m a web developer and I found using tmux the most when I have a symfony2 command to execute which takes lots of time but I have to use terminal to do other things too. So I simply open a new session using tmux, call my symfony2 command, detach from it and continue with my job.

How to install TMUX?

    sudo apt-get install tmux

How to use TMUX?

To create new session you write

    tmux new

You’ll be logged in your tmux session and when you’re finished you detach from it. To detach from your session you press CTRL + B and then press D.

To list all your sessions you use:

    tmux ls

Every session that is listed is prepended with a number unless you named your session.

So to attach for example to session prepended with number 0 you simply execute:

    tmux attach -t 0

To kill session 0 you write the following command:

    tmux kill-session -t 0

Learn more about TMUX?

If this isn’t enough and you want to learn more about tmux and its options I suggest you look up TMUX or find one of the numerous cheat sheets for tmux that are available online.